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Drama games or Dance workshop Parties with Simply Theatre


Simply Theatre Academy parties create a great fun, high energy, and a totally unforgettable party experience for your child and their friends.

We offer two types of workshop both following the same format over a period of 3 hours.

Welcome Time: 15 minutes, Workshop 1st half: 1 hour, Cake & Drinks: 30 minutes, Workshop 2nd half: 1 hour, Goodbyes and thankyous: 15 minutes

Drama Games Workshop
This workshop gets all your friends involved in interactive birthday drama games so that you have a fun filled time with all your friends. The workshop can be based around a theme of your choice. (Harry Potter, Pirates & Treasure Island, Fairy Tales, and many more to choose from)

Dance Movie Workshop
This film and dance based workshop will create a dance music video of you and your friends to your favourite song. After introductory games and the teaching of some key choreographies, you will work with a film producer to create your very own music video. A great memory to keep of your party. An internet video link as well as a DVD is supplied after the party.

Age min.: 
7 years
Age max.: 
12 years