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"Mini Dramas" courses with Simply Theatre (Versoix)

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By using a game-based structure for training and exploration, our students are taught both theatre skills and the life skills which arise from working as part of a team.

Key areas for focus: confidence, acceptance, imagination and spontaneity, self-expression, observation and listening.

Through play, children naturally begin to explore the core elements of drama. In our sessions at Simply Theatre Academy, our aim is to create a safe environment in which to help students express these ideas within a group with growing confidence.

Using their ideas in a more constructive way, children become aware of the power of the mind and their own imaginations.

We believe strongly that the positive experiences which we enjoy as young children are those which we become passionate about in life. Therefore ‘fun’ is a key word for our Academy ‘Mini Dramas’ classes.

Age min.: 
4 years
Age max.: 
7 years
Cours pendant l’année scolaire
Genève ville et Carouge
Genève ville rive droite
Genève campagne rive droite
Main phone: 
+41.22.860 0518