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Stage 1 Drama courses with Simply Theatre (Versoix)

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At this stage, students use theatre games and scenarios to explore drama in order to enhance both their theatrical and social skills. In addition to the skills developed in our ‘mini dramas’ groups, students also begin to explore the actors key tools – voice and body, and are introduced to a variety of disciplines such as improvisation, mime, devising and script work.

By participating in group drama, each individual develops the way they think, talk, move and express themselves in front of others with a growing confidence.

In the Academy setting it is our aim to ensure that students move at their own pace with comfort and as little pressure as possible. It is only through time, trust and acceptance that we feel we can truly nurture a child’s confidence and self belief. By offering fun games and scenarios, the students are enticed to want to participate and take their turn, therefore fighting their own confidence issues for themselves at their own speed.

Age min.: 
7 years
Age max.: 
9 years
Cours pendant l’année scolaire
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