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Baby swimmers ("bébés-nageurs")

Texte tiré de la documentation officielle: 

The Swiss Association "Aquatic Education for Baby and Young Swimmers" was established in 1992 by several baby swimming centers who wished to offer a secure and professional environment for one of the most pleasurable activities for a baby, that of evolving and moving in water. These experts have given baby swimming courses for over 20 years. 

(...) The association's mission is to promote and naturally develop aquatic education for babies, from 4-months up to six year olds, to encourage a young child's physical and psychological development and to increase safety in or near water. (...)

(...) A child's pleasure in an aquatic environment, as well as his or her parents, the positive influence of movement in water on the psychological and motor skills, and safety, more specifically for parents whose children regularly are near a pool, the lake or the ocean, because risks always exist, this is one parent-child activity that can be shared from the earliest months (...)

(...) For the well-being and security of your child, our centers are equipped with shallow pools and water temperature is slightly above that of regular swimming pools. 


Piscine des Contamines

La piscine se situe au sous sol de l’école des Contamines dans le bâtiment abritant également les salles d’éducation physique. Elle est équipée d’un bassin intérieur de 16.66 m x 8 m destiné exclusivement aux clubs sportifs.

Main phone: 
+41.22.736 9976
Rue Michel-Chauvet 22 Ecole des Contamines
1208 Genève
Activités parent-bébé
Lieu où les bébés sont bien accueillis