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Gourmet birthdays at the Fraisier


Birthday menus for you and your friends. Put on your apron, make and bake, decorate and taste!

Suggestions for meal for kids celebrating a birthday or other special occasion, from 7 participants on up. Themes include: tea-time in flavor land; edible landscapes; the sprit of dining miniatures.

Fatima has great ideas for funny and original menus, with great flavors. Creating a dinner spirit around miniature portions is fab and violets berry sirop really stands out of the ordinary, it's not "just" grenadine. Ok, so we all like grenadine, but violets (!) that 's a change!smiley

Fatima organizes birthdays celebrations for Wee Chefs from 6 to 14, with a very cool set of menus to choose from. Cooking workshop dates are regularly posted in HappyAgenda and HappyFood. She doesn't speak English but feels children learn a lot through imitating the others in the group, so it can be a fun way to improve your child's French.

Note one parent of the birthday child may stay for the party but there really is too little space for more people. For kids and pre-teens, ages 6 to 14.

The Fraisier gives a discount of 3. - CHF per child on gourmet birthdays for HappyKidClub members!

Age min.: 
6 years
Age max.: 
12 years

Fatima Ribeiro