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Les Bains de Cressy - Thermal Baths

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With more and more stress in today's world, the Wellness and Fitness Center at the Bains de Cressy will bring you relaxation and serenity. The beneficial properties of spas and massages will help you regenerate and raise your energy levels. (...) Water temperature is 34°, and the basins are located in a huge green house with tropical plants, while the wellness area offers numerous services. (...)

Open to the public from Monday to Friday, from noon to 9 pm and Saturday and Sunday from 9 am to 8 pm (October to April) and 9 am to 6 pm (May to September).  

HappyKid comment: 

A few minutes away from Geneva (Loëx is just before Bernex), here is a pleasant, relaxing and absolutely ideal space by gloomy and cold weather outside. Here you'll be able to channel the kids' bubbly and overflowing energy while relaxing yourself!

The pools of the Baths of Cressy are very pleasantly warmed and include jacuzzis and jets with all sorts bubbles. If you forget the "wings" of your small novice swimmer, there are some for sale on the spot for 10.-. The system of lockers is practical and in the ladies' changing room, there are 2 spacious enough family cabins to get several kiddies changed at once (one with changing table). The temperature of the water suits the babies and toddlers too. Bains de Cressy will please parents and children up to approximately 10 years, then again for the young teen couples, all lovey. heartsmiley

Watch out, avoid Sundays when apparently it gets too crowded, which clearly reduces the relaxation...

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