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Birds' Park (Parc des Oiseaux)

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Texte tiré de la documentation officielle: 

The Parc des Oiseaux is one of the first bird parks in Europe and the largest in France. (...) At the park, we strive to create enclosures and aviaries that replicate life zones, where plant and animal life as well as soil and other elements, are in balance. Before we associate different species, we look at their original natural environments, need for space and capacity to coexist. Thus our birds exhibit behaviors are comparable to those observed in nature. Similarly, the choice of species meets the desire to welcome the birds in good condition. It also responds to the will of the park to present the great variety of colors, faces and behavior of birds of the world. A third criterion - which is the most essential for the Park - is to contribute to the preservation of endangered species.

The carefully created plant environments give the birds a proper milieu in which they can exhibit natural behavior. It's good for their health…and for reproduction!

HappyKid comment: 

The Bird Park offers you a trip around the world, provides a bird’s-eye view (no pun intended naturally) of the incredible diversity of birds and colors, shapes and songs. From Geneva, count on an hour-and-a-half drive to bring you to this beautiful and magical place in the heart of the Dombes in France.

Children particularly enjoy stepping into the aviaries and walking through the birds’ home. Pink spoonbills, ibis, red parrots and parakeets greet us with their multiple songs while flying about. It’s a great experience! The nursery, where chicks are hatched and cared for is also worth visiting. If you arrive in the morning, at 10:30 a bird keeper shares his passion with the children. The next rendezvous is at 4pm, at the same time as the Birds in Flight Show, which would be a shame to miss. It’s best to reserve seats if at a different time. Then, be sure to see the “tiny birds” - so cute et so very funny - with your own (human) hatchlings! Plan the timing of your visit well, as there are more chicks and baby birds in spring and fewer of them later in the season.

The luxuriant vegetation is really amazing and the entire park is landscaped so as to replicate the birds’ natural environments. The Central pond and its bed of reeds are surrounded by the plains of Africa, Kalaos found home in an oriental bamboo grove, while rheas thrive in the pampas, and emus and kangaroos in the Australian Bush. 
As a matter of fact, have a seat by the Bush aviary and listen: the growling storm you think you hear coming is actually the cry of the emu, the ostrich’s long-lost cousin. In addition to all that joy, the kids also have a chance to observe penguins, parrots, hawks and vultures, condors, cranes, storks…over 2,500 birds live in this park – an equal number of sized and species to be discovered!

The free show is ABSOLUTELY FAN-TAS-TIC, do not miss it! It is a festival of colors, dozens of birds fly in from all sides and brush up against our heads with their wings. Tirelessly admire in flight or on the ground shimmering parrots, beautiful and graceful royal cranes and an impressive giant: the pelican (up to 3.4 meters wingspan). The Kalao seems to wear high heels while the cockatoo looks grumpy, just like in the cartoons. This is "a show true to its image and values [of the Park]: a remarkable diversity of birds with over 20 species in flight, a presentation respectful of the birds’ well-being while the staging is a blend of pedagogy, awareness and emotion."

Note that strollers are available on site; everything is easily accessible. There is a broad choice of educational games that aren’t practical (too much paper) or fun, and smaller kids would appreciate more of coloring, for example (apparently on the way soon). There are playgrounds and a picnic area, several restaurants (not great but ok) and, obviously, a shop.

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1 years
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