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Animal park Pierre Challandes

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Texte tiré de la documentation officielle: 

All animals must remain free, but we men are responsible of any animal we have tamed or who has lost the possibility to live in freedom.

This park is a refuge that takes in animals that have been lost, abandoned, sequestered or who are too young to survive in the wild. All will find appropriate care. Thus, the park currently keeps several wild felines, such as the puma, the lynx and the leopard… and monkeys,  baboons, macaques, marmosets, lemurs ... the maned wolf (endangered), raccoons ...  birds, parrots, exotic pheasants, ducks, peacocks, nocturnal and diurnal birds of prey, and finally, on a temporary basis, foxes, fawns, hares, wild boars, hedgehogs, injured and orphaned squirrels ... most of which are capable of returning to the path of freedom, but a few, overly permeated by human contact, remain permanently at the park.(...)

Daily visits every morning, including Sunday, from 9.30 am to noon. Groups (schools, seniors, recreational centers, “Passeport vacances”, …) are by appointment only.

First visit is free, afterwards, one must become a member of the association. 

HappyKid comment: 

A passionate man and animal lover who dedicated his life to animals is behind this project that provides a refuge, a place where animals are loved, fed and cared for. Pierre Challandes is a generous personality with an overflowing and catchy affection for animals. He set up the shelter and has taken in many furry and feathery friends.

Once, long ago, the refuge welcomed peacocks, geese, flamingos, ducks and cranes that were taken in after the sale of a huge property which had been their home, and which was also the home to two HappyMoms, Caroline and Chantal, and one HappyDad, Alexandre, when they were little themselves... Another time, four baby fox cubs found among buckets of paint at a construction site by another HappyDad were brought in to the shelter. Abandoned by their mother, death awaited them, but instead they were “bottle-fed” with a pipette at the Parc Challendes and later released in the wild. There once was a beautiful, black panther that those of you who have lived in the area for over 15 years may recognize. She was featured in an advertisement for a brand of paint I won’t name. The shooting and way she was treated apparently traumatized her and she came to the refuge, unable to live with any other living presence.

Other residents include two female musk boars, Marie-Rose and her friend who have a particularly strong…scent, a maned wolf known for his special “ambulation” (I let you go and see to understand what that is, but camels share this characteristic) and many others for your little ones and you to discover.

It is recommended to wear boots, especially if in wet weather; try not to pet the animals (tough, smileyI know!) And do be careful to close the pens...

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