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Kiddie Club

Texte tiré de la documentation officielle: 

Kiddie Club Bilingual Playgroup for children from 8 months - 3 years

This programme has been specifically developed for toddlers to enhance co-ordination and perception skills. It is designed to stimulate the love of learning, increase self-confidence and a feeling of self-worth. It also aims to enrich the adult/toddler relationship which is often jeopardized by the frenzied rush of modern lifestyle. 

In every session we offer a structured range of fine-motor activities, music and movement, story telling and imaginary play in both English and French.


After the structured part of the session the children have access to the magical Kiddie Club House garden with its climbing equipment, road and cars.


Kiddie Club has made a difference to 100's of families with their children's programs, their adult's courses, the great toys and books and being the people to contact when needing any sort of information concerning your family in Geneva.


Commentaire HappyKid: 

Nicola is one of the most active and dedicated HappyMums in Geneva. She has set-up the Kiddie Club some 10+ years ago and enjoys fantastic experience with both the expat' and and the local communities. Her enthusiasm is contagious and her communication skills have helped a lot of great information sharing. She has recently revamped the Kiddie Club House and it is definitely a place an English-speaking parent should take his/her child to, at least once to discover its treasures (books, educational toys, etc.)!

There are regularly extremely useful First-Aid classes for parents, grand-parents and nannies given also at the Kiddie Club (check HappyAgenda) and you may rent the space in- and outdoors for a great birthday party (cf. HappyBirthday). 


Nicola Fehlman

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