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New Infant Playgroup - 3 to 8 months

Texte tiré de la documentation officielle: 

Kiddie Club is offering a playgroup for infants between the ages of 3 and 8 months.

These sessions will be held on Thursday afternoons from 14:00 - 15:00 at the Kiddie Club House in Geneva.

During these sessions:
- we will cover the important elements relating to healthy infant development.
- through music, movement, massage and other stimulating activities, Mom and Baby will continue discovering the wonders of each other, as well as meeting new friends.

With a maximum of 8 mothers and infants, the sessions will be animated by Nicola Fehlmann who has a B.A in Psychology, a Masters in Learning Sciences, is currently doing a PH.D in early childhood development and learning and has been running Kiddie Club for the past 13 years.

Commentaire HappyKid: 

Nicola has been running such fun and social sessions at her Kiddie Club for years now. She has extensive experience, knowledge and fundamentally loves children's development. All is easy and fun, in a very informal atmosphere to put every one at ease. Moms and Babies alike will benefit from them. It is such a relief to share the entertaining responsibility, to be able to also share questions, worries, or simply chit-chat with other moms. This parenting adventure is source of so many joys and challenges that we all need reassurance and to be able to put things into perspective is always useful.


Nicola Fehlmann

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