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Musical awakening - Bulle d'Air

Texte tiré de la documentation officielle: 

Musical awakening – 12 months to 3 y.o.
For the little-ones, the first musical experiences are through exploration. Guided by a professional, the child touches, "tastes" various instruments. He/she experiments freely sounds and shares them joyfully with the accompanying adult. He/she learns to listen, develops his playing and singing skills and discovers all the pleasures of music. Through play and creativity he/she learns about notes. He/she acquires more and more ease and so prepares the continuation of his/her musical route.

Commentaire HappyKid: 

By initiating your child to the pleasures of music, you will discover totally new aspects of your relationship. And you’ll cherish to hear your little one’s talents on the drums, the piano or the African xylophone during the time when “making noise” is permitted for all cheeky.

Trust my experience, you’ll also be very grateful to have learned so many songs and rhymes, which will save the situation (and your nerves angel) during those long car or plane trips or while waiting in line at any time!


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