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Pony rides and horseback-riding at la Gavotte

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Texte tiré de la documentation officielle: 

(...) instruction at La Gavotte is different from that of traditional horseback-riding schools. Here, it is based on a progressive approach with the animal: the relationship between the child and the animal is at the core of our teaching.

30-minute rides allow children to step out of the compound and to ride through the woods and fields close by, under the supervision of very well trained and experienced teenagers, who themselves have the opportunity to ride animals after hours, if they wish to do so. This support promotes a sense of mutual responsibility. Younger riders feel the support and expertise of the older riders who, themselves, are vested with an educational responsibility and committed to carrying it out.

HappyKid comment: 

In addition to the outstanding setting (see article on animals), it is possible to ride out on the ponies and discover Geneva's absolutely lovely countryside just outside the compound.  The ponies are very-well trained, calm and extremely used to having children ride on their backs - in no time, you'll see your little cowboy and cowgirls riding as well as the most seasoned Indian chief  !

Rides are organized every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday, from 1.30 pm to 5 pm. Departures are every 45 minutes for 30 minutes of riding. There is no minimum age, it depends on your child's interest and capacity to stay solidly anchored to the saddle. It's possible to let children ride on their own with the group, or you may go along with everyone.

It is also possible to organize birthdays (see HappyBirthday) or to sign-up for camps during school vacation and holidays (HappyCamper). This place is absolutely worthy of discovery, would it only be to know that the animals live in semi-free range conditions.

Age min.: 
2 years
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