Join the HappyKidClub and access the 1001+ info that will - with all your Love - help make your kid(s) HAPPY!

What are HappyKidClub’s advantages ?

  1. For security reasons, the information about our kids is shared in a private space, exclusive to the HappyKidClub members, rather than on the open public internet.
  2. HappyKid does all the research for you and eases your parenting job by carefully selecting the information it selects and publishes.
  3. You save time as all the useful info is easy-to-find and condensed in one place.
  4. You benefit from the other members’ experiences, comments and ratings to help you select and choose what suits your family best.
  5. You have access to excellent seats and discounts at various shows selected for your children's pleasure.
  6. You will benefit from discounts from 40+ HappyPartners - providers selected for the quality of their services. N.B.: These discounts will become more and more important as HappyKid becomes better known. Mention it as often as possible, recommend it to your friends and we’ll be able to negotiate more privileges for all members! smiley
  7. If you don't find what you're looking for on HappyKid.ch, contact us and we'll do the research for you - it's a personalised and taylor-made service included in the User membership.

What content is exclusive for the members ?

  • HappyActivities – Where to go to have fun with our kids (permanent locations), as well as a selection of courses or workshops which will help them acquire new skills and increase their well-being during the school-year (sports, arts, knowledge).
  • HappyBirthday – No need to worry about your princess’ or pirate’s next parties! For the happiest of birthdays, here are the best contacts of the region, original venues, cool and professional animators, useful links (cakes, decoration, etc.).
  • HappyCamper – Will help you choose the camps, day-camps or workshops which your kid will like the most for his school holidays – he/she will not only be occupied but pampered.
  • HappyBaby – Tips, useful links and contacts to welcome Baby with serenity, pleasure and joy into our lives: massages, warm pools, birth announcements, gifts, fit with baby classes, sign with me, musical awakening, and much, much more for the future parents and 0-2 year-olds.
  • HappyFood – A selection of tested child-friendly restaurants and brunches, cooking classes for little chefs and their favourite recipes.
  • MaryPoppinsBag – This is, just like THE best nanny’s, a magical bag where to find just about anything but mainly what helps out or even saves the situation with our kids whenever the heat is on… Nannies agencies, baby-sitters, help of all kinds.

What are the subscription conditions?

  • Contributing member – You enjoy going out with your kids and sharing your experiences and advice? You decide to contribute 6 times a year to HappyKid (by posting comments or by suggesting new info to add) and benefit from a 50% discount on the fees – Sfr. 60.- per year (5.- per month).
  • User member – You would like to use this website and its database to save time but do not have any to spare to contribute to the contents. The yearly subscription fee is Sfr. 120.- per year (10.- per month), of which 10% is donated to the Make-a-Wish Foundation of Switzerland. At HappyKid, we like to help today's fairies grant sick children their wishes!